Beyond the Surface: The European Facial

Taking a moment to put yourself at arm’s length from the world is crucial every now and then. But it’s not just about taking a well-deserved break from the reality of life’s stress — it’s about looking at that constant stream of effort you’re putting out and pouring a little bit of it back into yourself.

In effect, it’s about going beyond the surface of your daily routine.

And that’s why facials are so perfect for those moments where you put everything else on pause. You get to give back to yourself, pamper your skin, and ultimately walk away feeling refreshed and pampered.

But not just any facial treatment will do. Something deep-reaching and ultimately cleansing is what you might find yourself in need of. But why go traditional when you can go … a little deeper?


Instead of just another “deep cleansing” treatment, it’s time for the European facial.

A European facial has quickly become one of the most popular aesthetic services in the United States. While this facial is deep-cleansing by nature, it goes the extra mile to ensure your results are anything but ordinary.

When you lie back to be pampered, your European facial will begin with a thorough deep-cleansing treatment to remove any impurities, though it will not end there.

Next, your skin will undergo a soothing exfoliation, both invigorating fresh cell growth and ensuring your specialist can reach the rejuvenated skin beneath.

Steam will then refresh and relax the skin and, if necessary, your specialist may perform an extraction to further remove any bacteria or acne.

Finally, a facial massage and mask will pull the whole treatment together — you’ll have the opportunity to let your eyes flutter closed as the mask penetrates deeper and completes the overall cleansing process.

Before you leave the chair, your specialist will also apply an SPF moisturizer to ensure your fresh, youthful skin retains its glow and is protected from the sun post-appointment.

If you’re ready to experience the relaxation and radiance inherent in the European facial, be sure to call and schedule with Alpha School of Massage today at (904) 389-9117! We’re ready to help you relax and go beyond the surface.