School Testimonials

My experience at Alpha School of Massage has to be one of the happiest and rewarding times of my adult life. From day one I was greeted with a smile and a feeling of welcome from each staff member. I not only received an education in Anatomy & Physiology and fundamental of massage, I received lessons in life and happiness. I was blessed to be a part of the night class taught by Neal Delaporta and Driggers. There I learned all the materials needed to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Neal not only taught me the skills I needed for massage, he taught me some lessons in life I will always value. The other teacher is Michael Garcia. Even though I was not in his class he always made me feel welcome and I knew I could always go to him if needed. The people who work the front desk were also very important in my development. Both Rachel and Bryan helped me in every way I needed and I knew I could always go to them for help and advice. Adam is the Administrator and he will assist you with every thing you need and he strives to provide everyone with a safe and clean environment. I personally want to thank the entire staff of Alpha School of Massage for my experience there.
— Dean Pickett, LMT, graduate December 2014

After 10 years of working in the Operating Room, I was ready for a change. Alpha School of Massage had several class schedule options to choose from. I attended day time classes and even though I had to take a few months off for health reasons (pregnancy) I was still able to graduate within 15 months. I had no problem finding work and am thankful for the hands on experience I gained at Alpha.
— Alli Durham graduate June 2014

My journey at Alpha School of Massage began on February 11, 2013. What I didn’t realize, at the time, was a difficult challenge it would prove to be for me, especially, at a later age in life than a lot of the other students there. There was so much to learn, both physically and mentally, during the course, and, at times, I wasn’t sure if I could make it!

What I discovered was, among the excellent teachings, support of the staff and my fellow students, which gave me the encouragement to continue on till the end! I have to give credit, most of all, to God, who gave me the strength to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a licensed massage therapist!

I look forward to serving the public in a very significant way, fully confident in my abilities!
Thank you, Alpha!
— Sylvia Thomas graduate February 2014

Alpha school of massage is not for individuals that are not self-driven for success. The program is not easy and takes a lot of hard work and persistence to complete. That being said, looking back, I enjoyed my experience. I met a lot of great individuals, a few of which I can see will be in my life for a very long time to come. As with any institution, there are ups and downs, positives and negatives, but the end goal always makes the path traveled to it worth it.
I can say that I’m a licensed massage therapist, with a national certification pending, because of Alpha School of Massage. They were the only school that I could find in Jax that was affordable for a student paying out-of-pocket and offered an evening program that accommodated my work schedule. Through the headaches and growing pains of any educational program, I have walked away with a license, a pending national certification, new friends, and mentors. I know that, even though I’ve graduated, if I needed to I can call members of the staff for advice, or just to talk (and I have).
— Eric "Rickey" Dancy graduate Feburary 2014

On the first day of school we were all so excited, and we were all so different. We were reserved and quiet, loud and fun loving, young and not so young, wild strippers and church going God fearing strong women. And Mr. Garcia had the daunting task of trying to turn us all into professional massage therapists. Sadly, not all of us would make it, but I’m sure that everyone gained something from time spent in the class. And we all got along well. Not only did we get along, we had fun. We laughed together, cried together, learned from each other, supported one another, and prayed for one another, especially on test days. And even Mr. Garcia was willing to get silly occasionally in order to help us learn. From the lordosis, kyphosis little old man in the mall to the teenager who liked Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. We will always remember that ligaments connect bones to bones. And we had so much fun on practice days, sometimes it was like girls gone wild. That is until we heard the keys. Maybe he jingled them on purpose so that he wouldn’t have to say for the hundredth time, “be quiet, we have clients upstairs”. And dear sweet Molly, who had the challenge of convincing the clients that we were all a bunch of nice normal people, despite all the laughter and crazy conversations coming from the practice room. It has been a challenging, fun, stressful, learning, growing, and wonderful blessed year. As we all go our separate ways, let’s keep in touch. May God continue to bless us all.
— Bonnie Reed and the class of 2008

Dear Michael,

As you are aware, students have a variety of learning styles. Your teaching style avails itself to the myriad of learning styles that learners possess, i.e. (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) which you address each and every class by maintaining a level of individual and class interaction, especially when discussing the skeleton and muscle groups.

Your task as an instructional leader is to possess the skills necessary to cover a large amount of material that is required knowledge to pass the State Board Exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. This is a monumental task, but your skill in teaching strategies is quite exceptional. I feel I am qualified to make this statement regarding your teaching ability due to the fact that I observe and evaluate instructional staff daily.

Your methods of including individual and group interactions upon discussion of the materials when appropriate during class time relative to material you are covering is Excellent! I, along with other students in class enjoy the time during break when we are allowed to study and you are readily available to assist us and to answer questions that arise during this time.

Your professionalism regarding your job as an instructor as well as your concern for the ultimate success of every student enrolled in your program makes the Alpha School of Massage the right choice for me or any student seriously interested in becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida.
— Maria Evans Duval County Public Schools Administration

Mr. Garcia, This is not “Good-Bye’ - This is just the beginning - For us and for you! Thank you for investing your time, your knowledge, and most of all.....Your passion for massage therapy. You are the greatest. You will always be the greatest to us! We will always love you!
— Vickie Sloan class of 2008

Michael, I would like to take this time to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to further my career in the spa industry. You are an awesome instructor. If it wasn’t for your teaching techniques and my handy recorder, I never could have done it as well as I did. I am really proud of my grades considering my grueling work schedule, But, like I said, your teaching techniques and instruction is truly a gift to you! Thank you for sharing your gift.
— Dorothy Powell class of 2008

Thanks, Michael. The state boards were a lot easier than your final. I am certainly not complaining!! It was your knowledge and teaching that helped prepare and inspire me. Learning all of the information we did in addition to learning massage was quite a task in 7 months, but through your direction, we did it! It’d be a loss to students if you weren’t teaching.
— Terry Morre 3/17/2004

Michael, I just want to say thank you very much for your patience and your dedication in teaching me the art of massage. You have truly inspired me to teach and help other people. Michael, you have changed my life forever and for that I’m truly grateful. After being in school for only three weeks I told you I was going to quit because I could not keep up with the work. You said, Naseem, you are doing very well with the massage part, and if you are having trouble with the lecture part, I’ll work with you on that. Don’t just quit! At that moment, I said to myself, here is a total stranger who believes in me more than I believe in myself. I’m going to end here, but Michael, please don’t change your style of teaching, it has truly inspired me. May God Love you and Bless you as much as I do.
— Naseem Maat class of 2000

Michael, Thanks for your dedication in your teaching - your encouragement, and your belief in me that “I can do it”. I appreciate you.
— Creacy Baucom class of 2006

Michael, Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.
— Sabrina Huerth

Dear Michael, Thank you very much for the outstanding seminar I attended Saturday & Sunday. I hope to attend many of your seminars. I shared with my classmates how awesome the seminar was. I will see you again soon.
— Gail DeWinter 8/19/04

Hey Mr. Garcia!!! I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my license. I never could have done it without a great teacher like you.
— Stephanie Elliott

Mr. Garcia, Like to say thank you for being a Great Teacher and a friend. I appreciate all that you taught me while being in school. It was great. Thank you so very much.
— Sue Miller class of 2008

Mr. Garcia - thanks so much! You deserve the congratulations for getting us through school!
— Brenda Lang class of 2008

Hi Michael. I don’t think I ever thanked you for all that you taught me - and it was quite a bit! Whenever I face a dilemma, I find myself thinking “OK, what did Michael say about this?” or “ How would Michael handle this?” And, since I’m being honest, I can tell you now that during that first week at Alpha I considered quitting. It was just so much that I felt totally overwhelmed and had some pretty serious doubts as to whether I could handle it (having the old, old brain and all). If it weren’t for your teaching methods, I very well may have given up. Thank you!!!!!!!
— Denita Herres 1/27/07

Dear Michael (teacher par excellance), I was thinking about my new career with some depth today and I felt compelled to write you a note. I know that there were many times in class when I asked alot of questions and I thanked you for your patience and explanations. I remember the several times that you worked on my “whiplashed” neck after the accident, with those knowledgeable and gifted hands, I thanked you. When I graduated from Alpha School of Massage, aided tremendously by my excellent teacher, I thanked you. And that wonderful day when I became a nationally certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and called you with the good news, I thanked you. I worked hard to learn in class and beyond, but, without a superior instructor, I might have failed. You go that extra big step to ensure quality instruction. You encouraged me and helped me to succeed. Alpha School of Massage is very lucky to have employed you. Massage Therapy is lucky to have you in the profession. I just wish that all of your students could grasp the opportunity they have to succeed. I, for one, thank you from the bottom of my heart to my stronger, more knowledgable, compassionate hands. Thank you Mr. Garcia for caring!
— Patricia Foote LMT Ma29979 4/13/00

Dear Michael, I couldn’t finish school without your help. I really appreciate with all my heart. Thank you.
— Kay Nestole

Michael, just wanted to let you know it meant a lot to hear your knid words last Thursday. We sometimes go through life not seeing other’s pain. Thank you for seeing mine. I also appreciate the way you put your all in your teaching. We all think you’re the “Bomb”!
— Missy Crowe July 1998

Dear Michael and Angie - Just a note to say hello and let you know that both Amy and I passed the Nationals. Amy’s working in Savannah and I work in Hilton head, both of us are working full time and doing quite well. Thank you both for all you’ve done to help us get here. Oh yea, Amy has been on two different local news channels promoting massage recently. You both would be proud.
— Missy Crowe LMT (Dawn B Crowe) and Amy Rigdon 2/06/2000

Hey Michael, Well, it’s great in the massage world. Business keeps getting better and better. I’m learning about having my own business and loving every minute of it. What a challenging year! My faith has been tested so much, but I’ve hung on. Thank you for believing in me - it really is a reality now!
— Diana Beranek 10/15/1997

Dear Michael, Every since I finished massage school I have wanted to write and tell you what a great job you do. Although we were all tired on the weekends, you made what could have been very difficult interesting and fun. I didn’t think there was any way I could remember all of the carpal bones, but it seemed so easy after you gave us the memory aides. Your memory aides were always helpful and some memorable for their humor. I always felt you went out of your way to make things as easy as possible while teaching a tremendous amount of material. What really impressed me though was a comment made by the gentleman at the testing facility. I was waiting for my results and told him to let me know when I could breathe again. He asked which school I had gone to and when I told him Alpha, he said, “Oh, you have nothing to worry about. They really teach you what you need to know there.” Thanks for all your patience and help. I have recommended Alpha to quite a few people who expressed an interest in learning massage.
— Shirley Cochran LMT Ma29271

Michael, don’t know where to begin with my thanks nor my graditude. You’re simply one of the greatest instructors I have ever had. I have learned so much and have enjoyed it all. May the path of life treat you well.
— Cynthia Roland class of 1997

Michael, you are an awesome instructor! You really made learning fun! I appreciate your time and effort in starting my new career. Thanks so much!
— Mary Marshman class of 1997

Thank you for all your time, effort, energy in making my learning experience enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in order that I might become capable and confident. Indebted to you.
— Dan Honeycutt class of 1997

What you did meant so much to us, and we want you to know how much we appreciated it. Words are not enough to express our feelings for you. Thank you very much for all that you have done.
— Myrtle Armstrong class of 1997

Michael, Couldn’t have done it without you! For your enthusiasm, excellent tutoring and your faith in me, thanks very much. My very best wishes.
— Jean Thomas (St. Kitts) 3-20-2003

Dear Michael, I have been wanting to send you a thank you card since I started in your class. My heart is full of gratitude to be able to attend your class. You are a great instructor and a very caring teacher. The things that you have taught me have really helped me to improve my massage techniques greatly. I hold you in very high regard. Love Always.
— Carrie Root 9/15/03

Michael, Just a note to let you know I passed the exam today and I am officially a LMT. My scores were “high” in all six categories. Thanks for everything you taught me!
— Dorothy Parker LMT

Mr. Garcia, A good teacher always knows just how to bring out the best in everyone. Thanks for bringing out the best in me and thanks for making such a difference to my life. Thanks for all the help and talks we were able to have. You are a great teacher, and you have really inspired me to keep my dreams and goals alive. Thanks again and I’m glad I was able to have you as a teacher.
— Caroline Burke class of 2007