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 Why should you visit Alpha before choosing a school?

Here are just a few reasons:

Alpha is the longest running massage school in Jacksonville. Founded in 1992 and under the current ownership since 1995, that's 24 years of experience and reputation building.

Our instructors are experienced.

  • Michael Garcia is an RN and LMT who has been teaching at Alpha since 1995. He is also a graduate of Alpha. Michael was a past president of the local chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and a past officer of the American Massage Therapy Association.
  • Neal Delaporta has been an LMT since 2001 and was an educator before that. During his career as a massage therapist he volunteered for the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork where he was Board Chairman from 2008-2010.

We do not hard sell.

You can visit us without having to avoid endless calls or blocking our emails. We want you to choose Alpha which is quite different from succumbing to the pressure of endless sales calls.

You can learn more about our cost and the experience we offer. (It's not too good to be true.)

We don't like debt associated with career education. We want our students to enter their search for work feeling thoroughly prepared and free from the debt burden associated with other schools. Our 900-hour program does both. As a student in our 900-hour program you'll pay just $99 per month. That's possible because you'll be performing massage on paying clients. Alpha transfers the burden of the cost of education from the student to the client. You'll graduate with no loan payments, no interest and fees adding up, and the experience that ensures you get hired over graduates from other schools.

Learn more about our 900 hour program here:

Still need a reason or two more?

We'll let our confidence in the program show here by encouraging you to call potential employers!

Call a few of the massage chains and speak to their HR departments. Ask the potential employer where you should go to school. We know you won't hear us every time but you will hear Alpha most of the time. You'll learn that our students are "ready to work"!

Imagine walking into a job interview with a resume that boasts 300 massages accompanied with 100 or more client evaluations of your massage abilities. Envision telling your employer that you've performed 50 or more hot stone massages and maybe 35 barefoot massages.

Now imagine that a graduate of another school is waiting behind you with a resume of a few dozen massages some of those being classmates. 

Here's what your employer already knows; Sandy Fritz, author of two Massage Theory textbooks, one of which we use here at Alpha, says, "Although some have a talent for massage, massage therapy is a learned art. Diligent practice, along with desire, passion and compassion, will help you become an excellent therapist."

Don't choose anything less than excellence in your pursuit of massage as a career. Choose diligent practice that brings excellence.

While you’re speaking to your potential employer ask them what the job market is like.

It's growing.

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