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Alpha School of massage...

Would you like to become part of our successful business plan? We offer on-site chair events for your incentive and wellness programs. We can schedule most days and provide student therapist for events both small and large.

Below you will find our pricing plans, but we offer some customization, if needed. Let us know how we can help you.

2 Students / 2 Chairs        $110.00/hour ($55/hour per chair)

3 Students / 3 chairs         $135.00/hour ($45/hour per chair)

4 students / 4 chairs          $160.00/hour ($40/hour per chair)

5 students / 5 chairs          $175.00/hour ($35/hour per chair)

Events requiring more than 5 chairs will be billed at $30/hour, per chair). There is a 2-hour minimum for chair events.  We provide 12-14 minute chair massages at most events. That allows each of our students to see 4 clients an hour. We can reduce time, if needed, allowing up to 6 clients per hour (8-9 minute massages).

We are available for your private events as well. 

Call or email us for more details or to schedule your event.