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We Carry An Extensive Line Of Image Skincare Products

Massage Supplies/Self Care

 Prossage Heat

ProSsage Heat

Formulated specifically for deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, PROSSAGE® HEAT is an all-natural area-specific warming ointment. 

Tube, 3 oz     $12.00


Biofreeze Cold Therapy-colorless

Biofreeze is the number one used and recommended topical pain reliever by body work professional in the US.

360 Spray, 3 oz     $15.00

Roll-on, 3 oz     $14.00

Tube, 4 oz     $14.00


 Bon Vital body scrubs & lotions

Bon Vital Body Scrubs & Lotions

Treat yourself to these spa products.


Sugar Scrub, Tube, 8 oz     $14.00

Body Butter, Jar, 8 oz     $24.00


Salt Glow, Tube, 8 oz     $14.00

Body Silk, Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $17.00

Pink Grapefruit:

Salt Glow, Tube, 8 oz     $14.00

Body Silk, Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $17.00

 Bon Vital massage lotion

Bon Vital Massage Lotion

Gallon     $42.91

Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $11.00

 Biotone aromatherapy lotions

Biotone Aromatherapy Lotions

Calming, Pump Bottle, 8oz     $20.00

Calming massage lotion is made with a 100% essential oil blend of chamomile, lavender, rosewood, tangerine, petitgrain and balsam peru. A light, natural aroma helps harmonize the body and comforts the senses.

Renewal, Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $20.00

Renewal Massage Lotion is made with a blend of mint, rosemary and lemongrass therapeutic grade essential oils. A light, natural aroma helps enhance clarity and renews the body. (Contains rosemary and should not be used on clients who are pregnant or have epilepsy.)

Serenity, Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $20.00

Serenity massage lotion is made with a 100% essential oil blend of lavender, orange, clary sage, litsea, patchouli and sweet orange. A light, natural aroma helps to relax the body and revive the spirit. (Contains clary sage and should not be used on clients who are pregnant.)

Bliss, Pump Bottle, 8 oz     $20.00

Bliss massage lotion is made with a 100% essential oil blend of bergamot, rosewood, coriander, sweet orange, grapefruit and ylang ylang. A light, natural aroma promotes joy and uplifts the spirit.

All Biotone aromatherapy massage lotions contain jojoba, avocado and olive oils, known for their skin soothing benefits along with shea and mango butters that give a luxuriously silky feel and smooth finish.

Thera-Band Roller & Wraps

The Thera-Band® Pro Foam Rollers used in conjunction with the patent-pending Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+ serve as a novel tool for hands-free myofascial release, deep tissue massage and stabilization exercises.

Designed to support varying degrees of tissue mobilization, the Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+ are available in four successive colors of progressive density - Yellow (X-Soft) providing extra cushion for more delicate patient populations through Blue (X-Firm) for advanced fascial mobilization. They can be used in-clinic, as part of a home exercise program or patient/client self-initiated wellness routine.

All Wraps are individually packaged with detailed color exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises and variations divided by muscle regions.

12" Foam Roller     $15.00

Foam Roller Wrap, Soft     $27.00

Foam Roller Wrap, Firm     $27.00

Foam Roller Wrap, XFirm     $27.00


Thera-Band Roller Massager+

The Green Thera-Band® Roller Massager+ is an innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage.

Its unique patent-pending ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization while providing a massage-like experience.

21" Roller     $27.00


Thera Cane

Treat yourself to deep relief from painful, knotted, spasmed muscles - even in the middle of your back!

Thera Cane     $38.47


 Massage hand tools

Hand Tools

Index Knobber II     $10.00

Therapists who use the Index Knobber II to treat patients find it extremely helpful in applying precise pressure to soft tissue trigger points. It also reduces overuse injury to the therapists' hands brought on by the stress of hands-on deep muscle massage, trigger point compression and similar techniques. The perfect massage tool to massage deep tissue. The soft shape and smooth feel of the Index Knobber II and its unique, ergonomic design, allows its use over clothing or with massage oil directly on the skin. Color may vary.

The Knobble II     $10.00

The size of a large mushroom. Hold the "cap" in the palm of the hand and use the smoothly rounded "stem" to apply pressure to trigger points. Perfect for saving those thumbs when working on trigger points. Crafted out of a durable polymer featuring a non-latex Santoprene to help prevent your fingers from slipping while in use. Color may vary.

The Therapist's Thumb     $22.00

This useful tool reduces pressure on the carpometacarpal joint and thumb, and is great for trigger point work. Comfortable to grip, the tool becomes an extension of your thumb and hand.

 Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural Cut, 3-5lb     $25.00

Natural Cut, 9-11lb     $42.00