On site massage events in Jacksonville

On-Site Massage Events

Did you kow we can help with your Corporate Wellness Programs and Holiday Parties?

Are you looking for a way to say thank you? Would you like to let your employees, team members or clients know you care?

We can help. We have the perfect gift for your hard working employees or favorite clients.

We offer on-site chair massage events. We come to you and massage your stress away or give your workers a short, invigorating massage to push them past the finish line. 

Events as small as two chairs for two hours or as large as twelve chairs for six hours are available. 

Benefits of Chair Massage in the Workplace:

  • Boosts energy, alertness, & productivity

  • Decreases workers’ comp claims

  • Improves worker retention

  • Decreases absenteeism

  • Provides incentives

  • Enhances employee loyalty

  • Produces results in minutes


2 Students / 2 Chairs        $110.00/hour ($55/hour per student)

3 Students / 3 chairs         $150.00/hour ($50/hour per student)

4 students / 4 chairs          $180.00/hour ($45/hour per student)

5 students / 5 chairs          $200.00/hour ($40/hour per student)

Events 2-3 hours require one additional student. Events 4 hours and longer require 2 additional students. Additional students are billed at $20/hour.

Call (904) 389-9117 to speak with Jamie for details or to schedule an event. You can also request more information by email: jamie@alphaschoolofmassage.com