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Did you know that Alpha doesn't charge tuition? That's right! We are able to waive tuition because you get our student services.

Massage services are increasing by $5 as of May 1st 2019.

Our Swedish Massage has remained the same price for over 10 years. We have resisted the need to pass along expense increases, but as costs rise, we must increase our pricing to continue offering debt-free education to our students.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for helping our students graduate debt-free!

Adam Driggers, Owner

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Reduce your stress and relax those tight muscles with this "feel-good" massage.

1 hour $35.00                         2 hours $70.00

Pain Management Hot & Cold Treatment Massage

If you are looking for spot treatment of painful or sore areas, we now offer a pain management massage that incorporates both warming oil and cooling gel. Prossage Warming Oil and Biofreeze Cooling Gel are used to treat those sore tight areas. Your student therapist will begin by adding warming oil to the sore area allowing the heat to soothe away soreness followed by massage of the surrounding area. Biofreeze is then added to cool away the pain. (Biofreeze contains camphor and should not be used on clients with epilepsy.)

1 Hour $40.00                         2 hours $70.00

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage       

Experience the "Deepest, Most Luxurious Massage" in Jacksonville. Designed for athletes, especially muscular people or those over 260 pounds, and anybody else that needs deep, deep pressure. Deeper than any massage you have ever had, yet still feels great. Excellent for low back pain.

1 hour $40.00                         2 hours $80.00

Deep tissue Massage

If you need something more than a relaxation massage this is it. Our Deep Tissue Massage isn't as deep as our Barefoot Massage but it is a very firm massage that will help loosen up those tight muscles and releases those areas affected by stress like your shoulders, neck and low back. 

1 hour $40.00                         2 hours $80.00

Hot Stone Massage

Heated, smooth, flat stones are used in the massage strokes to warm and relax the muscles allowing the student therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

1 hour $40.00                         2 hours $80.00

Sports Massage

This massage is more invigorating and intense designed for those seeking to amplify the positive effects of heightened levels of activity. By focusing Swedish-based manipulations and techniques to specific musculo-tendenous tissues which may be overused and stressed from repetitive use, the student therapist may hasten recovery, reduce fatigue, and promote flexibility and optimal performance. BonVital Muscle Therapy Lotion is the lubricant of choice for this modality. 

1 Hour $40.00                         

Sweetheart/Couples Massage  

Enjoy the closeness that only a Mother & Daughter or "Sweethearts" feel, as you both drift away, relax, and unwind. Let your muscles and tension melt while our therapists massage you in the same room.

1 hour $70.00 ($35.00 each)                         2 hours $140 ($70.00 each)

Must be booked in person or by calling (904) 389-9117


You can now add one of several specialty lotions to your massage treatment. Choose from any of the following premier products:

Aromatherapy Lotions: $3 per hour

Add one of four essential oil, lightly-scented lotion blends by Biotone to any massage treatment: Bliss, Calming, Renewal, or Serenity. For details about our aromatherapy lotions click here to view the PDF on our Helpful Forms page. 

Coconut Lotion by Bon Vital: $3 per hour

This unscented lotion offers all the skin nutrient benefits of coconut oil. Made with pure fractionated coconut oil. 

Organica Lotion by Bon Vital: $3 per hour

This unscented, earth-friendly formula is enriched with certified organic jojoba, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and more. Infused with certified organic Arnica and Chamomile botanicals. 

On-Site Event

We have the perfect gift for your hard working employees or favorite clients. We offer on-site chair massage events. We come to you and massage your stress away or give your workers a short, invigorating massage to push them past the finish line. Click here for details about having a chair massage event at your location.

For your convenience, we accept credit/debit cards or cash for massage services and purchase of gift certificates. We do not accept checks for these services. 

Did you know we offer a Military Discount?