Student Referral Program

We are enrolling students in our massage program, and we want YOUR help!

You can participate in our student referral program by simply spreading the word.

Receive a $100 gift card for any prospective student that enrolls into our massage program and remains a student for at least 30 days.

When your referral completes their enrollment form, inform them to list your name and email address in the “How did you hear about us” section. You’ll be contacted 30 days after their first day of school about receiving your $100 gift card or account credit for existing clients.

Why Choose Alpha School of Massage?

  • Our students don’t pay tuition. Our primary source of revenue is our massage clinic. This allows our cost of attendance to be thousands less than our competitors. There’s no need to borrow money to attend.

  • Our student clinic provides the kind of hands-on experience employers want to see when hiring a fresh graduate.

  • We employ experienced instructors. Our least experienced instructor has been an LMT for 16 years and has 8 years of teaching experience in the field.

  • Flexible schedules including full and part-time schedules with day and night class options.