Are you passionate about healthy skin and helping people feel beautiful?


We hear a lot of people tell us they are and we are passionate about it as well.

We also hear things like, “I’m no longer happy doing what I’m doing, and becoming an Esthetician really interests me.

We love helping people like you, those with passion and a desire to do more, navigate their journey to a better life as an Esthetician.

Had my first facial and all I can say is Nikki was amazing, thanks Nikki, it is a great school and doing a great thing
— A. Hill, Esthetics client

We work with you by:

  • Offering both day and night schedules.

  • Providing debt-free programs costing just $199 per month helping you avoid student loans and interest fees.

  • Training you with our hands-on approach making you a professional practitioner day one of your career as an Esthetician.

Don’t ignore your passion or stay in a job that doesn’t satisfy you.

Find what you’re looking for as an Esthetician.

Start the journey from having a job to loving your career today at Alpha.

I’ve wanted to be an Esthetician for years but couldn’t afford it - Thank you, Alpha, for making my world better for me
— K. Lee, Esthetics graduate

Learn more about our class schedules and facial program below:

Class Schedules

Learn about our schedules and options. Find out when classes begin and if there are seats available.

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No Tuition

What does debt-free mean? How can a school not charge the students tuition? Let us help settle your fears.

No Tuition

Facial Program

Learn more about our Facial Program. See the subjects covered and know the exact cost associated with the program.

Facial Program


If you don’t like Alpha or esthetics, you can rip up your agreement and owe nothing else.

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