Picking the best massage for you; how deep can you go?

Finding the perfect massage for you is not only important, but it’s often essential to your health and well-being. Sometimes, we just want to relax, and other times there is a real need to relieve sore muscles or relax areas aggravated by stress. Knowing which massage to choose from in order to address your particular needs will make your experience much more effective and more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for something a little more intense than your regular relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage will help loosen up those tight muscles and release those areas typically affected by stress such as your shoulders, neck, and lower back. It’s a massage that can target specific areas that might need more attention. It works by utilizing firm pressure and slow strokes, so the technician can reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is also great for those who suffer from chronic pain or are in need of certain injury rehabilitation.

Now, if deep tissue doesn’t quite go far enough for you, there is another option and it’s called Ashi Massage. Ashi Massage is a technique where a technician uses their feet to provide you with the "deepest, most luxurious massage" possible. This type of massage is designed for athletes, especially muscular people or those over 260 pounds, as well as anybody else that needs deep, deep pressure. This is deeper than any massage you have ever had, yet still feels great. It might be a process that takes some getting used to, but it’s worth trying! It works by having the massage technician hold onto support bars, safely affixed to the ceiling, while they let their feet and gravity do the work! By using specifically placed heels, toes and arches to access the areas that need the most work and pressure, you will definitely feel the difference.

So if you can handle the pressure of the deepest massage techniques out there, come into Alpha School of Massage.