Waxing: How Does It Work and Is It Better Than Shaving?

Nobody likes to be stuck between a hair and a hard place. After all, it’s easy to want to groan in exasperation when you don’t have the time to shave all over again, but when you also don’t want to subject yourself to the hot-seat involved with laser hair removal, you might just be tempted to skip hair removal altogether.

The good news is that, if you’re looking for a better solution, we have one: WAXING.

Waxing is great because, not only can it aid you in your full-body hair removal ventures, (as waxing works just about from head to toe!), but it’s also semi-permanent due to the fact that it removes hair from the root. In effect, by using waxing strips, large areas of hair are quickly and efficiently removed without the lingering, frustrating stubble typically experienced with shaving. 

With that in mind, you may be wondering how else waxing compares to shaving. In a few words, waxing is a more effective means of hair removal and also features long-lasting effects. For example, where hair growth will return in a noticeable way only several days after shaving, you won’t be bothered again by hair growth for several weeks after indulging in a waxing treatment! 

Additionally, over time, waxing will help your hair grow in both finer and less dense, meaning that any hair growth you do experience will be harder to notice and easier to tame prior to getting back in for your next waxing session. With shaving, however, hair growth will remain just as coarse and consistent over time.

If you’re ready to experience a more smooth and simple approach to hair removal, just contact the Alpha School of Massage! We offer a variety of waxing options, from brow to bikini to back and legs. You won’t be forced to pick up the razor again! Call us today to schedule your appointment and have all of your hair removal questions answered!